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Ok, I got it
"I didn?t really know what to expect from Beijing. Sure, I knew about the great
wall and the Forbidden City but what would the city itself be like?". Most tourists
seem to go to the part of the wall called Badaling but we were hoping to avoid the
crowds and any queues. The drive to the Huanghuacheng section takes about 2
hours each way. The long drive gave us a chance to look out the windows and see
how people live, people working along the road and so on. Once again we were very
lucky with the weather and when we reached the wall the skies were blue. Getting
to the wall is really a great moment. All of a sudden you can see the wall on the
mountain tops stretching as far as you can see, like a never-ending snake. only 20
minutes by foot   to reach the wall but all of a sudden we had our feet on a part
of world history. Here you can choose if you want to go to the left or right , I guess
this takes you to Jinshanling) or to the right where you have 15/16 watch towers
before you reach the end and it rise up about 1000 meters above sea level. We
chose to walk on the right part of the wall. the wall was really steep in some places
and sometimes the steps were narrow. Time constraints meant that I only got as far as tower 1, but the view just got better and better the higher I got, and I got trigger happy with our camera. The combination of a great view and the scarcity of other tourists made it a truly   special experience. On the one hand it is amazing to have walked on something that I have read so much about and see so many pictures of. On the other hand it is hard not to think about all the blood, sweat and tears that has gone into building this wall (in fact it is not one wall but many walls that has been built in different dynasties). Our guide told us that lots of people died in the process of building it and many people were actually buried in the wall itself." ...Said Russ & Dave   with smile."   Thank you Joe...showing us here,   ha it is   amazing! place isn't it."...
Wondeful trip with us...
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A dam were built with bricks of the wall in 1970s
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View motel from the other part of the mountain
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